Cape Town Bespoke Diamond Jewellery 

Based in Cape Town, Black Key Diamonds specialise in offering both local and international clients exceptional stones, precious metals and world-class jewellery designs at highly competitive prices. Regardless of where you live, we go above and beyond to meet your unique needs.

Craig Denbury is the passionate founder and owner of Black Key Diamonds. With over a decade’s experience producing top-class diamond jewellery, he will work closely with you to help find the perfect piece that adheres to your unique needs and budget. Most importantly, he’ll help you find a jewellery piece that you, or that someone special in your life, will absolutely adore.

"At Black Key Diamonds, we live for that uncontrollable smile that comes to her face – the moment that tells you it’s perfect."

– Craig Denbury, Founder Black Key Diamonds.

All Black Key Diamonds are ethically-source, EGL and GIA approved and insurance is also offered. 


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